Loaded communication

While it seems easy to draw attention to climate change by showing iconic one polar bear on a thin sheet of ice, the politics of such communication is questionable. Polar bears do not have union to voice their vulnerability. It is a noble duty of mankind to make their plight heard by others. But when climate change gets synonymous with polar bears’ plight (because it is easy to draw attention… god knows why), the other set of voiceless vulnerable, the millions of poor in the South stand to suffer. People who get deeply affected by the emotional appeal to save polar bear, and have the power to do so, are normally opinion makers in the North, or the elite opinion makers in the South. In turn, decision makers pushed by these opinion makers, are unable to do god for all, and try to do something for polar bears only. I would like to draw attention to all sorts of wildlife campaigns. In fact, millions of vulnerable humans may be asked to make sacrifice, to make space for vulnerable wildlife.

In this case, this mannequin inside COP14 hall didn’t do much job.

Aware civil society delegates know a lot more than the polar bear. a few got themselves photographed with the mannequin to show their partners back home.

Government delegates failed to see anything, as usual.

Smart guys in black suits found them to be punks.


3 Responses to “Loaded communication”

  1. 1 Girish nanda December 9, 2008 at 6:27 am

    what does irritate me is…
    global warming is a problem created by the industrialised…at our expense!
    and now we are expected to toe the line to arrive at solution…again at our expense…no maybe its the agenda of our industrial elite…who don’t want to see their margins dropping.

    So,no one cuts emissions…nothing happens
    and i am fed the nonsense of polar bears…which i will get to see only if i have the money to travel to the poles or to the countries with zoos full of them…and then it hits me…while these smart **** talk about their polar bears,
    who talks of the human rights of the millions, who have unwittingly become our first line of defence.

  2. 2 Pratap Pandey December 9, 2008 at 11:14 am

    Let us call it the totemic inability of western civil society groups to do anything other than tug at the heartstrings of possible viewers, who might then feel bad enough to loosen their pursestrings in the cause of the poleaxed bear.

    At another level, we can read such splendid, because vapid, isolation as a metaphor for the Poznan conference itself. The western media is already calling it a no-go. Already, it has been columnised that Obama might not be ready even for Copenhagen (irrespective of what Dobriansky and Co. do or do not do at Poznan). The focus of Europe is on the EU climate deal currently being hammered out under Sarkozy’s straying gaze. 9 eastern european nations have already refused to wilt under his non-seeing eyes.

    All eyeballs are on December 11 and 12: no, not on the Poznan ministerial, but on the summit at Brussles where EU+15 must convince EU+27 on a plan to cut GHG emissions.

    Bear with the bear. The world itself has been neatly poleaxed this time.

  3. 3 Munna December 10, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    All I know is, there is no time left for fighting. If black suits think activists are punks, let them. If they brand it as environmental terrorism, let them. I like the point made in this blog that we have had enough of jargon.
    And who did what is not going to solve it. This is not the time to say industrialized nations did it, so we should have our chance…
    We have always took pride in the fact that we are a ‘wise’ nation. Now is the time to do things that show it.
    We need practical solutions, ingenious solutions that can make the world go, wow!
    This is not the time to fight. This is the time to stand united as we go down. One bad weather at a time. One less monsoon at a time.
    Damn! How did we come to this?

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