A correction/Honest US admission

I want to reiterate that president Barack Obama will burn his fingers in international diplomacy for the first time.

But at the same time, I want to share a thought that passed across my mind. The US probably is the most honest party in climate negotiation. Given the nature of consumption and production system of the world, it is really an honest admission on the part of the US to say that they cannot reduce domestic emission much. If they have to revitalise their auto industry, bail out the bankrupt banks, and boost consumption to boost the economy, it is impossible to reduce emission. And it is clear that the oil lobby [a large lobby consisting of automobile, construction, energy, aviation, fertilisers, chemicals, blah, blah, blah] will not let enough effort to be invested in renewable.

The only hope remains the security lobby in the US who are bothered about oil dependency. Obama made it clear in his Nobel acceptance speech that the US is bothered about climate change as a security issue. Again, the question is if climate change is just a US domestic/international security issue. This is another example of the northern leaders not getting the point about climate change. This is not necessarily an issue islamic terrorism. There are are severe ‘law and order’ issues already felt by southern Europe from the massive exodus from north Africa. People will do whatever they have to do to feed themselves and their families, as the US citizens seem to be doing whatever they have to do to continue their lifestyles.

Long live liberty. Long live market.

Freedom to pollute


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